Term is four years; bond is $100,000.

Powers and duties of the county recorder:

  • To record all legal documents presented, consisting primarily of deeds, mortgages, contracts, affidavits and releases.
  • To record newly platted additions, surveys, corner certificates and horizontal property regimes.
  • To record state and federal tax liens, discharge papers of military personnel, fence partitions and articles of incorporation.
  • To maintain an index of all recorded documents so that they may be located with ease and provide certified copies as requested.
  • To collect the proper recording fees and auditor's fees on transfer of property; report such fees to the supervisors quarterly and pay all fees to the treasurer of Plymouth County.
  • To collect real estate transfer tax on conveyances of property, report and remit the state's share to State of Iowa Treasurer and remit the county's share to the Plymouth County Treasurer monthly.
  • To perform federal and state tax lien searches.
  • To make records available for genealogy research.
  • To file financing statements and terminations and perform UCC searches.
  • To register and title boats, snowmobiles and ATV's and submit monthly reports and remittance to the Dept of Natural Resources.
  • To collect state use tax on new boats, snowmobiles and ATV's purchased out-of-state and submit a monthly report and remittance to the State of Iowa Treasurer.
  • To serve as the county's passport agent.
  • To serve as the county's registrar of vital records (birth, death and marriage).