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Informal appeals will be accepted from April 2-April 25. Please contact the Assessor’s office for information to file an Informal Appeal.

Board of Review Petitions can be filed with the Assessor’s office from April 2-April 30.

Board of Review Petitions will be considered as untimely filed if received by the Assessor before April 2, 2024.

The Board of Review will meet in the month of May to act on petitions.

Petition to Local Board of Review

This petition must be filed or mailed to your city or county assessor from April 2 to and including April 30. It must be postmarked no later than April 30. Contact information for all assessors can be found at the Iowa State Association of Assessors website: ( ).

Homestead Credit and/or Military Exemption

Please go to our Beacon or Vanguard website.
Simply enter your Name or Address or Parcel Number & click search which will then
display your property record page.
The forms are available directly under the Tax History section.
The annual sign-up deadline is July 1.

Powers and duties of the assessor:

Term is six years; bond is $100,000.

  • To assess and appraise all real estate and personal property except such as is exempt from taxation, or the assessment of which is otherwise provided by law.
    To have access to all public records of the county for the purpose of securing information pertaining to accurate listings of taxable property.To make up all assessors books & records as prescribed by Director of Revenue.
  • To submit on or before May 1st of each year the completed assessment rolls to the Plymouth County Board of Review for its examination.
  • To furnish the Director of Revenue with information relative to the ownership of any property that may be assessable within the state, but not assessable or subject to being listed for taxation in the county.
  • To turn over to the county auditor the completed assessors books and records for preparation of the tax lists.
  • To receive applications for homestead tax credits, military exemption, and personal property tax credits.  These are screened by the assessor for allowance or disallowance.
  • Each year the assessor must submit to the Iowa Dept of Revenue an abstract of assessment of statistics compiled in the office.
  • Keep and compile a record of all sales of property in the county and record in the office all changes in ownership of any kind of property where a transaction has taken place and has been recorded.

Plymouth County Assessor
Plymouth County Courthouse
Telephone: 712-546-4705
Fax: 712-548-5255

Jill Renken
Jill Renken, Assessor

Erica Pepper, Chief Deputy
Jamie Hauser, Deputy/Appraiser
Kerri Petersen, Clerk

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